An up close image of a computer repair being performed.

SSD vs HDD: Which is better?

One of our favourite repairs for a slowing laptop is installing a Solid-State Drive (SSD). It can transform your computer into a faster and harder working machine. Helping you to power through programs and data transfers with ease. What is an HDD? The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a storage hardware device in a computer […]


Should you buy a refurbished phone?

It will come as no shock when we say that phone prices are getting higher each year, which is why the majority of people don’t buy their handsets outright, instead opting for a monthly contract to help spread the cost. But of course, the better the phone, the more expensive the contract and so unless […]


Healthy Laptop Battery

How to keep a Healthy Laptop Battery

Taking care of your laptop and maintaining a healthy laptop battery may not be top of your list of priorities; but it is essential for ensuring you portable device can run for as long as possible. Unlike a majority of desktop computers, there doesn’t tend to be a one-size fits all fix for laptops. Which […]


The best ways to stay safe and protect your privacy online.

With the ever-growing number of scams online, it can be difficult to spot what is legit and what isn’t, especially as they’re getting more intelligent with every attempt and we’re all spending more and more time online. Online safety is a growing concern and something you should absolutely be taking seriously. So many of us […]